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We pride ourselves on our business motto
"client satisfaction always"

Job commencement within 48 hours

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We use highly skilled & trained friendly tradesmen

Making our client very comfortable from the begining

Our team are focused on efficiency and reliability

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Our pricing is very competitive to the market

Our friendliness comes free

We offer flexible work hours/days

What fits in with our clients is our aim

We use all Paints and will apply what the client wants

Our preferred paints are from the Haymes and Dulux paints range

Our business operates throughout the Gold Coast

And all Brisbane areas

Bring colour to your life with our range of quality colours

We are a family run business that has gained a reputation as one of the best on the Gold Coast and also gaining momentum in the Brisbane areas.

Core Areas


Improve the appearance & increase the value of your home with our residential painting services


Attract & welcome your customers with our exterior & interior commercial decorating services


Maintain your building & protect your workforce with our industrial & factory paint and coatings


Repaint specialists
Residential, Commercial and Industrial work
Insurance work
Real Estate Paint & Plaster Maintenance
Body Corporate and Investment
Decorative Finishes (Feature Walls, Wallpaper, Murals and Paint Effects)
Heritage listed properties
Plaster repairs & Pressure cleaning
Timber Finishes (Pool decks, verandah decks, screens, feature ceilings and walls)
After hours work
Free colour consulting and advice to all our clients


Q. Why does my flat or low sheen paint show handprints, marks and show the areas where I have tried to scrub them off?

A. Flat and low sheen paints do not sustain a high amount of scrub-ability. Look for paints of flat or low sheen marked washable or wash and wear or go for a satin sheen.

Q. How long does it take for paint cure?

A. Generally speaking it may take up to 60 days to fully cure. However Latex (Acrylic) paint can be put to normal use after a day or two. However DO NOT attempt to wipe or wash the walls before 14 days post application.

Q. Why is it that my paint is flaking on my newly painted walls of 18 months old?

A. Flakiness under these circumstances comes back to incorrect surface preparation - no sealer or very minimal sealer will cause this as your top coat paint has nothing to stick to.

Q. What should I wash my ceilings and walls down with in preparation to paint my ceilings and walls?

A. Always use warm soapy water and use a white cloth as coloured clothes may leave dye behind on the walls. Do not use sugar soap or any abrasive detergent in your water.

Q. What do I use to get paint drips off my carpets?

A. If it's still wet and its latex (Acrylic) paint apply water to it with a rag, and if it is alkyd (Enamel) paint apply turps sparingly with a rag. If the drips are dry and hard use a product called "Goof Off" see manufacturers directions on spray can.

Q. How do I remove Texta, crayon or lipstick off walls especially in the kids bedroom?

A. Nothing will bring these off to the point where it won't bleed through paint. So a stain block product has to be used and then the substrate repainted. All paint companies have these stain blocking products.

Q. Can mould / mildew be permanently avoided?

A. No, mould/mildew grows in any area that is dark, moist and with minimal air. A cleaning maintenance schedule is best protection in such environments.

Q. How do I clean a surface with mould/mildew in preparation for a fresh paint job?

A. There is various cleaners on the market that are specified to remove mould/mildew. Another option is bleach and water which is also a suitable solution. Ensure you wear the appropriate PPE (Gloves & Goggles) to apply to the required surfaces ensuring you kill all the spores, flush the area with cold water afterwards.

Q. What can I use to clean the exterior surface prior to painting?

A. Generally use a detergent cleaner, pre-paint cleaner or simply use a water pressure cleaner and ensure you use the correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Our workmanship is imperative to us and most importantly you our client. At CV&A Painting & Decorating upon completion of all our scopes of work we provide all our clients with our 5 year warranty against material and workmanship.

Your privacy is very important to us. Any information we receive from you via the contact form on this website is only used to manage your immediate enquiry and dispense appropriate service to the best of our expertise.  Your information is never allocated, sold or distributed to any third party.

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